A few helpful links that I have collected to help with using your vintage apple II

I aquired a Apple IIGS from one of my friend's dad. His father had found them in his house when he bought the place and didn't have any use for them, so he moved them out to the storage shed. There they sat for probable 20 years. The Apple IIGS sytem reportably came from the local hospital, and where still in great condition when I became the new owner in 2022. The whole setup inclued a monitor and apple IIGS, 3.5 and 5.25 dsdd floppy drives, and surprisingly, a small joystick. I tore apart the monitor and checked for swelling capacitors and resoldered some of the major joints. I also disasembled the power supply and removed a tiny filter cap that had little use except for blowing up in some cases. I received lots of help from the folks at comp.sys.apple2 at this time, so check out that group. I also used apple fritter for another reference source. After finding adtpro, I poured over their website until I finally understood the process, then proceeded to buy a serial cable from their website and a db9/usb from ebay. Understand that finding the right serial-connection hardware for your apple II model is important. I bought some cheap floppy disks from ebay, and ended up owning both ds-dd and hd-dd disks of both sizes when I was done because I didn't understand the difference between the two. Make sure and buy the ds-dd, unless your drives are 100% compatible with hd disks. After the cables and disks arrived, I downloaded numerous games and other disk images to try from,, a great, simple, and massive collection of disk images for the apple II. I also found,, but this website seemed unnecessarily difficult to download files from. I downloaded the aptpro server software from, and installed it onto my raspberry pi 4. After conncecting the cable and launching the server, I easily navigated the setup and successfully installed a number of games, my favorites being, loderunner on 3.5 floppy, and robot battle on the 5.25. I hope I can help some new owners of this great machine set up and start learning the Apple II. Credit goes only to Steve Wozniak for creating such a computer and founding such a great company, which is now, in my opion, far from what it started as, a company making innovative, open machines designed for the hacking community and for computer lovers.